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The Lost Record

  • Jadell – Resurrection Call - Released Records

    Jadell – Resurrection Call

    Jadell – Resurrection Call Artist Track Label Jadell Ressurection Call Ultimate Dilemma Year Format Country 1997 12" vinyl Uk Written and produced by James Hatt Published by: Ultimate Dilemma // Engineered by Warren Clarke // Design: She 1 Jadell (James...

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  • Redback – Brighter Day - Released Records

    Redback – Brighter Day

    Redback – Brighter Day Artist Track Label Redback Brighter Day A.P.E Year Format Country 1999 12" Vinyl Uk Another beauty that will not be found on Spotify or Apple Music. A.P.E records were short-lived, this is the first 12″ from...

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  • Marc Aryan – Liberte - Released Records

    Marc Aryan – Liberte

    Marc Aryan – Liberte Artist Track Label Marc Aryan Liberte Markal Year Format Country 1973 7" Vinyl Written by Marc Aryan Bob Burrows steps up with a superb find, check the video first to see if you recognise the samples....

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  • Hibrid – Twisted Tambourine - Released Records

    Hibrid – Twisted Tambourine

    Hibrid – Twisted Tambourine Artist Track Label Hibrid (feat Doo Lally D) Twisted Tambourine Megablast Recordings Year Format Country 1989 12" Vinyl Uk I moved to Blackpool in summer 89 just as the dance music scene was really taking shape...

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  • Soulsetters – Can You Dig It - Released Records

    Soulsetters – Can You Dig It

    Soulsetters – Can You Dig It Artist Track Label The Soulsetters Can You Dig It Daran Recordings (DJO) Year Format Country Unknown (are we guessing around 69? - ED) 7" Vinyl Author: Willie Hollis Can You Dig It has a...

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  • KMA Productions – Cape Fear - Released Records

    KMA Productions – Cape Fear

    KMA Productions – Cape Fear Artist Track Label KMA Productions Cape Fear Urban Beat Year Format Country 1996 12" Vinyl Uk Written by Ian Degale & Rodney Degale Produced by by Danny Barnes & Martin Hewitt Mastered by Tim D...

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  • Homeboy – Control Yourself Cousin - Released Records

    Homeboy – Control Yourself Cousin

    Homeboy – Control Yourself Cousin Artist Track Label Homeboy Control Yourself Cousin (The Sax Mix) Cheque This Record (CTR) Year Format Country 1989 12" Vinyl UK Written by Rob Kean // Produced & Arranged: Rob Kean // Mastered: Porky (A...

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