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The Lost Record

  • Jadell – Gentleman of Leisure

    Jadell – Gentleman of Leisure

    A small amount of background is necessary in order to explain how I came across this record. I grew up in a small market town on the Surrey/Hampshire border where record shops were few and far between, and "clubs" tended...

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  • Minimal Man - Safari

    Minimal Man - Safari

    One of the wonders of sites like Discogs and eBay is that you have access to pretty much anything. You can go out for the night, hear a tune that you like, wave your phone at it and ping, it’s...

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  • DJ Krush – Kemuri

    DJ Krush – Kemuri

    There was always going to be at least one Mo' Wax Recordings release in The Lost Record selection, the biggest issue I had was deciding which one! I first found Mo' Wax in 1994 and DJ Krush - Kemuri was probably the second or third release on the label I bought.
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  • A Certain Ratio – Be What You Wanna Be

    A Certain Ratio – Be What You Wanna Be

    A Certain Ratio (ACR) were one of the original bands on Factory Records having formed in 1977.  In the mid 90s they came full circle by moving to former Joy Division and New Order manager Rob Gretton’s, Rob's Records. 
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  • Leena Conquest - Boundaries, Tricky Remix

    Leena Conquest - Boundaries, Tricky Remix

    As with a lot of records I’ve bought over the years this was one I picked up based on a remixer/producer as opposed to for the artist themselves.  In this case it was Leena Conquest – Boundaries, Tricky Remix.  
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