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Reload – Le Soleil Et La Mer - Released Records

Reload – Le Soleil Et La Mer

Reload – Le Soleil Et La Mer





Le Soleil et La Mer (From the album A Collection Of Short Stories)

Infonet Records / Creation Records





LP Vinyl


A Lost Record debut from an old record collecting friend from the late 80s in Blackpool, Steve Jones aka Taffy..   He’s found a killer track!

Written, Arranged, Produced: Mark Pritchard and Tom Middleton // Engineered At The Icehouse // Graphics: Tom Middleton

When this came out in 1993 my musical tastes spanned from house and techno to more chilled ambient and experimental stuff. I was a student in Leicester at the time but still spent every spare penny I had on vinyl ( I was working part time in term time & full time in the holidays). Leicester had a good few record shops, aside from the standard HMV and Our Price there was BPM & some good independent record shops along with second hands shops & market stalls.

I bought A Collection Of Short Stories from a stall on the market, there were two copies, one white label and one normal. I originally bought the white label but realised it didn’t have the short stories booklet (Or as Reload call it “a contemporary anthology of duo-sensory fiction”) that came with the standard copy so I went back and swapped the promo copy for the normal one!

Le Soleil et La Mer is a beautiful track, the stand out track on the album. The atmospheric production is superb with the way it builds with rising strings and the driving breakbeat to the breakdowns, if you can’t listen to it loud on a decent system then its definitely one to get lost in on your headphones.

If you don’t know Reload you’ll know Mark Pritchard & Tom Middleton by one of their other aliases Chameleon, Global Communication, Jedi Knights, Link & E621, Secret Ingredients. Some of their tracks are available on iTunes and Spotify but this album and this track aren’t so this is definitely a lost gem of a record.

Is this record lost: YES! GREAT SHOUT!!!

The Lost Record is the endless search for vinyl tracks not available (at time of publish) on iTunes/Apple Music or Spotify

Look out for The Lost Record – Leeds – Vol 1.  Leeds is the first stop as we go city to city, finding lost records and trying to catch up with the artists involved.

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