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KMA Productions – Cape Fear - Released Records

KMA Productions – Cape Fear

KMA Productions – Cape Fear




KMA Productions

Cape Fear

Urban Beat





12" Vinyl


Written by Ian Degale & Rodney Degale

Produced by by Danny Barnes & Martin Hewitt

Mastered by Tim D // Mastered at Masterpiece // Pressed by MPO

I have heard this described as a sinister master piece, one of finest tracks to come out of the real UKG camp at the height of the underground success. I brought this when it first came out, I must have heard it being played on either Freak FM, Deju Vu or Sunrise – the staple london pirate stations of that era. I was slightly too young to get into the raves! These where the places the hear new music, no spotify or You Tube just locking into a sometimes sketchy signal to hear the newest tunes then going to the record shop in E17 on Saturday and standing by the counter all day whilst they played tunes.

Anyway this tune was a fucker to mix in due to the massive intro so I rarely played it, it sat on my shelf until a few years back when I heard fourtet drop it in one of his sets and it blew up again, it was in high demand (I could have got £50 for it).

I doubt the sample was cleared but who cares, whist digging around I found out that producers KMA Productions received a small advance then no more money for the track. They manged to get the masters back and re-released shifting 30,000 copies from the back of their van.

Is this record lost?  Of course it is…

The Lost Record is the endless search for vinyl tracks not available (at time of publish) on iTunes/Apple Music or Spotify

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