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Sandals – Nothing (Dub) - Released Records

Sandals – Nothing (Dub)

The Lost Record is a blog that shines a light on records that never made the move to digital (notably Spotify or Apple).  At best these records have a Youtube fan upload.

Sandals – Nothing (Dub)





Nothing (Dub)

London Records





12" Vinyl


Written by Harris, Simmons, Delves, Blanchard, Daley,  Barnes // Produced and mixed by Leftfield

I’ve just picked this up for 50p in Moortown Corner Mind, Leeds charity shop, result! (post edit – I originally uploaded without cover but thanks to Steve Jones for sending over the picture sleeve, very nice artwork)

I wondered why there was an Acid Jazz logo on the record alongside FFRR but the reason being Eddie Piller managed this band.  It looks like a story of 4 creatives, doing pretty cool stuff around South London in the mid to late 80s.  Delves promoted a night called Violets (which consisted of spoken word to art exhibitions), they collectively sold records, books and clothes in their Rich and Strange shop in the Trocadero.  They rehearsed in the shop storage area, Eddie Pillar became their manager and he brought in Leftfield to produce their early work.  The major deal happened and this record is one of the results of that deal.   Ian Simmonds went on to be Juryman and ATL records (from 95-2002), Derek Delves went onto work with United Future Organisation and David Holmes, Will Blanchard drummed for Beth Orton, Shakespears Sister and Dot Allison, John Harris played flute for Pressure Drop.   Anyway the dub mix is typical Leftfield brilliance, downbeat trippy breakbeat (three words I like to see together).  I shall now spend a little time hunting down MORE Sandals music, Juryman and anything these guys have turned their creative hands to.

Typo: Simmons on the inner label writing royalties should be Simmonds.

Is this record lost: YES!  The original and alternative mix are on Spotify but not the Dub.

The Lost Record is the endless search for vinyl tracks not available (at time of publish) on iTunes/Apple Music or Spotify

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