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God Within - Raincry - Released Records

God Within - Raincry

The Lost Record is a blog that shines a light on records that never made the move to digital (notably Spotify or Apple).  At best these records have a Youtube fan upload.

Artist: God Within

Track: Raincry

Year: 2003

Label: Dorigen

Music Format: 10” Single sided

A new Lost Record post from Steve Jones.  Lost Records don't appear on Spotify or Apple.

Music has been a constant throughout my life, every stage connects to albums, songs and clubs that bring so many great memories of times, people and places. I’ve been lucky from a timing perspective, moving to Blackpool in summer 1989 where over the next few years a number of great club nights such as Shaboo, Hacketts, Sequins, Oz.

Then in 1992 I went to university in Leicester which had Splendid with Progress up the road in Derby and Renaissance in Mansfield before it moved to Derby. The attraction of the latter was the fact Sasha had a residency there, I’d heard him firstly at Shaboo and was blown away by his sets which initially mixed italio piano, melodic vocal house, techo, accapellas, ambient atmospherics and a bit of hip hop. By 1993 Sasha had moved to a more progressive less vocal style but still with plenty of strings and atmospherics. I first heard God Within’s Raincry in Renaissance, a breakbeat driven track with a great build up drenched in melody, it took me a while to find out what it was and I eventually got a copy when I bought Sasha and John Digweed’s Northern Exposure compilation.

God Within were one of Scott Hardkiss’s aliases, he produced some great breakbeat driven tracks as well as remixes for artists like The Sandals and One Dove. Sadly Scott passed away in 2013 and was only in his early 40s. Fast forward to the next decade and the track was remixed by Vance Musgrove who extended it out, starting with a great kick drum and building up with the luscious melodies of the original, with some amazing breakdowns, a track to turn up loud and truly get lost in. The remix more than does the original track justice showing that a classic track can be given a new lease if life with the right production skills whilst keeping the spirit of the original.

Words by Steve Jones


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