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The Heavy Heavy - Life & Life Only - Vinyl LP

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ATO Records introduces The Heavy Heavy. Led by Will Turner and Georgie Fuller, the Brighton, UK-based band warps time and place through an unfettered collision of rock n roll, psychedelic blues, acid rock and sunshine pop. Across their debut Life and Life Only EP, the group breathes incandescent new energy into sounds from decades ago, transcending eras with euphoric ease as they tap into musical touchstones that range from folk-blues duo Delaney and Bonnie, Peter Green-era Fleetwood Mac and British Invasion acts like The Hollies, to a sonic alchemy all their own. Full of effusive harmonies and fuzzed-out guitar, tracks like the whirlwind road trip of “Miles and Miles,” the near-operatic epic of “Sleeping on Grassy Ground,” the rapturous opening of “All My Dreams,” and “Go Down River,” the first song they ever recorded together, Life and Life Only pulls listeners into a sublime fugue state, leaving one newly awakened to infinite possibilities.