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Tapioca - Samba em Kigali - Vinyl LP

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Tapioca , the Belgian duo made of rapper / lyricist Alessandro "Le Tagarel" Vlerick and producer & composer Simon "SiKa" Carlier, tapped into a unique and infectious groove with their debut LP "Voyage," released in 2022 via Jakarta Records' "Dubplates" series. Positive reviews came flooding in, including coverage from, among others, BBC Radio 6, KCRW, Resident Advisor, JAZZIZ as well as performances and features on Worldwide FM and Bandcamp Daily. Their debut also landed on global editorial playlists such as Spotify's "Global Groove," (600k) "Tulum Vibes" (110k) and Deezer's "Chilling Pool" (31k). "Voyage," as the name indicates, was an ode to freedom, escape and the discovery of alternative cultural horizons that brought together various spoken-word testimonies from Portuguese friends around the world. Tapioca's upcoming LP, "Samba em Kigali," picks up the thread where "Voyage" left off, acting as an ode to traveling and, more broadly, of the inherent beauty of the African continent. Le Tagarel has worked as a teacher in Kigali, Ruanda, for the past years and his time there is reflected in the album's buttery lyricism, putting forth the proposition that Africa and Brazil are in fact not so far apart - Africa is, and will always be, present in Brazilian culture. Featuring the Dillaesque sound infused with inspiration from rap, jazz, MPB and funk of the 70/80's to the stunningly fleshed out lyricism - the LP sways like a ship on the smoothest of seas, a pure ray of aural sunshine to welcome the warm weather. Artwork was stunningly put together by Simone Cihlar (Anderson Paak. Tom Misch, Ivan Ave) and visualizers done by the stalwart crew at Die Ottos (Flofilz, K Le Maestro, Suff Daddy, S.Fidelity, Gianni Brezzo). Jakarta is ecstatic to share such a high-water mark of an album, out everywhere physically / digitally May 19th. Kicking off "Samba em Kigali" is the impeccably smooth 1st single, "Lagoas de Ruanda" out March 22nd along with LP pre-order announcement. Instantly catchy, the crisp guitar, funky bass and buoyant underlying percussion are the perfect vitamin of joy that gives rise to Le Tagarel's vocals. The track is a perfect sonic voyage that encapsulates the continued growth of Tapioca's sound and gives a sonic peek into the LP. Infectious and groovy, the song skirts a line along samba, R&B and jazz with an almost hip-hop bounce. 2nd single, "Sabor Swahili," out April 12th, is a nostalgic groovy splash that melds soft keys, bass and a percussive edge that slides you into an aural pocket. The song moves in a joyous melancholy that is almost impossible to move to, the under-water synth stabs keep your shoulders loose while the rhythm keeps you bouncing along. Even if you don't know Portuguese, you'll be singing along by the tracks end. The joyous 3rd single "Terra Preta" is out April 26th and will lift you up high to keep you in a serene mood anytime, anywhere. Focus track is the headnodding grooves of "Cara de Arabe." Building from "Voyage," Tapioca provides a fresh, rare vibe, adding a slight dose of disco to the R&B-driven progressions. "Samba em Kigali" is a unique album that is soaked and marinated in a sonic and visual aesthetic that brings with it feelings of joy, movement, and a global home, and sonic moods ranging from Bruno Berle and Marcos Valle inspired arrangements to bouncing progressions with a swingin' percussive edge. Besides online promotion from the label and artist profiles, the album will further be promoted by external agencies within the US and UK.