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Stein Urheim and Jørgen Træen - Krympende klode - Vinyl LP

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Krympende klode is a new collaboration between two internationally recognised musicians from Bergen, Norway: music producer Jørgen Træen, who has worked with talents such as Susanne Sundfør, Thea Hjelmeland and Jazkamer, and the unique and eternally inventive guitarist Stein Urheim, whose releases include six albums on Hubro. .On this album they present their personal collections of synthesisers and string instruments from all over the world, and let the space between the electronic and the analogue shrink to fit between the grooves of an LP. Krympende klode invites us into an imaginative and playful electro acoustic universe. This is music that is overwhelming, moving and consistent , all at the same time. In a rich tapestry of sound we can hear influences ranging from Raymond Scott and Delia Derbyshire to Parry Partch and the Norwegian Bjørn Fongaard , among others Krympende klode is a kaleidoscope of sound, reflecting many of the two musicians’ interests. “As a starting point we wanted to pay tribute to the pioneers of electronic music,” says Urheim, “but also to combine the sounds of the modular synths with a variety of string instruments from near and far.” Urheim has released six extremely personal and highly treasured albums whose musical basis is formed of guitars and string instruments from all over the world, blues, folk music, world music and a stylistically confident approach to original soundscapes.