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Prefab Sprout - I Trawl The Megahertz - Vinyl LP

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This is the first time it’s been released under the name Prefab Sprout and also it’s first time on vinyl.

Dancing violins, flourishing pianos, this is Disney-esque soundtrack-style almost incidental music (if it wasn’t so commanding). Rich brass and sweet strings punctuate magical flurries of sound. A minimal amount of soothing spoken words on a few tracks on an album that’s simultaneously melancholic and glad.

"It was comforting to listen to a huge world beyond the narrow boundaries of my own teenage self, where Russian propagandists would monotonously intone documentaries about tractor factories, where you would hear the zeal and activity of American preachers. Or mysterious lists of numbers, or a static soundscape which the late night would blur into nearly comprehensible whispers. That idea is I think what lies at the heart of this piece: you are given an imperfect view of a greater reality revealed in little snippets. You’re suspended, detached, turning the dial and hearing the story emerge."

Brand *Condition - New Stock, Still sealed.