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Barbara Pravi - On N'enferme Pas Les Oiseaux - Vinyl LP

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Brand New Stock, She placed second at Eurovision 2021 with the emotional song “Voilà”. And now the professional rise of Barbara Pravi is picking up speed as she triumphs with the release of her debut album On n’enferme pas les oiseaux. The album consists of eleven tracks, including her Eurovision entry “Voilà”, as well as the songs “Le jour se lève” and “L’homme et l’oiseau”, songs previously unveiled as a triptych whose video clips together form a short film. All the songs on the album are sung in French, Barbara’s native language, and like her Eurovision entry, all 11 songs are inspired by French variety and the tradition of French chanson. The album was composed and arranged by Vincha (Vincent Brion) and Jeremie Arcache, but also Igit and Lili Poe, her long-time collaborators, notably during the writing of “J’imagine” for Junior Eurovision. You don’t change a winning team! The guiding principle of the album seems to lean toward self-expression — a feeling of freedom despite the judgement of others. Barbara uses the album to finalise her own renaissance, which began with her Eurovision journey. Now an accomplished artist, she is no longer afraid to move forward and take risks.