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The Reese Project ‎- I Believe (Laurent Garnier Mix) - Released Records

The Reese Project ‎- I Believe (Laurent Garnier Mix)

The Reese Project is one of the many aliases of Kevin Saunderson, largely credited along with friends and collaborators Derrick May and Juan Atkins as being behind the invention of techno (being responsible for tracks like Rock to the Beat under his Reese alias). Saunderson is probably best known for his releases under the Inner City banner for tracks like Big Fun, Good Life and Pennies From Heaven. The Reese Project saw him go down a more gospel house path (as shown on I Believe).   

One of the main reasons I love this Laurent Garnier mix so much as he takes it down a completely different route, closer to Saunderson’s techno roots, a nice build-up of strings, synths and 303 but with a mellower feel as the remix name suggests!   I’ve hazy happy memories of Laurent Garnier DJ’ing at the Jooce all dayers in Blackpool around 92/93.

I’m unsure as to why this remix 12” is Judy Nanton presents The Reese Project, all the other releases of this track are just down as The Reese project and Judy has no production or vocal credits on the track. On doing some digging Judy is Ann Saunderson’s sister.   Ann is Kevin’s wife who as with a lot of his releases does backing vocals on this track. This was released on Birmingham based Network records who were fairly prominent in the early to mid 90s on the techno and rave scene releasing tracks by artists such as Nexus 21 (Who were also Altern 8), Cyclone, True Faith, Rhythmatic, Neal Howard and Rhythm on the Loose.

Is this a lost record? There’s no mixes of it on iTunes and Spotify doesn’t have this version so yes it is!

Words: Steve Jones

Artist: Judy Nanton Presents: The Reese Project 
Track: I Believe (Laurent Garnier Frenchman In Stoke-On-Trent Ambient Chill Thrill Baseroom Mix)
Label: Network
Year: 1992
Format: 12" Vinyl

The Lost Record is a showcase of music released on vinyl that never made it to Spotify or Apple.

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