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Moodswings - Timewarp (‎Works Of Atreus) - Released Records

Moodswings - Timewarp (‎Works Of Atreus)

In the early 90s I was buying vinyl but as a student with part-time jobs I wasn’t always able to afford everything I wanted. Bootlegs were a way to find music cheaper, you’d usually get 4 tracks (some rare) for around £6. The beauty of it was you’d sometimes find an unexpected gem on these, I bought a 4 tracker for Blow - The Cutter and discovered Moodswings - The 6 Train, which eventually led me to Moodswings - Timewarp!

For years I assumed 'The 6 Train' was by the same Moodswings that had released Spiritual High but on rediscovering the track I did some digging and found out it was actually an American 4 track EP released by producers I'd never heard of.

Then began the hunt for the EP to get the other tracks, when I finally tracked a copy down it was Timewarp that stood out, an electronic soundscape which fits in nicely with the film score soundtrack genre of the last few years. The production is polished, I love the build-up and feel of the track and ironically given the title it stands the test of time well given it’s 29 years old!

This release is pretty sought after as is the second 5 track EP Moodswings released in 1994 but both are definitely worth looking out for. Both EPs contain a great mix of interesting and diverse tracks.

Is this a lost record? There’s no mixes of it on iTunes or Spotify so yes it is!

Word by Steve Jones

Artist: Moodswings 
Track: Timewarp (‎Works Of Atreus)
Label: Atreus Entertainments
Year: 1991
Format: 12" Vinyl

The Lost Record is a showcase of music released on vinyl that never made it to Spotify or Apple.

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