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Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Welcome to the Pleasuredome (Soul Mekanik Remix) - Released Records

Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Welcome to the Pleasuredome (Soul Mekanik Remix)

I had the pleasure, of contacting Kelvin Andrews, who gave me a personal insight, into the making of this Record ‘Well... it was summer 2007 and Danny and I were doing that rare thing of spending time co-producing a project with a real budget. Part of that was spent in Trevor Horn's Sarm West studios on Basing St, just off Portobello Rd. There were 3 studios in there and we moved around from room to room getting really friendly with Trevor, ( who I might add is a massive hero of ours so it was surreal to say the least) One day we got chatting and FGTH enters the conversation. Trevor casually mentions that he still had all the stems from those Frankie sessions so we just said.. " ohh... Can we remix Welcome To The Pleasuredome? " .. to which Trevor replies, "yeah of course, I'll get the stems run off for you" As you can imagine, we're very excited and ask if we can do it at the weekend. To cut a long story short, Trevor designated studio 1 (where it was originally recorded and mixed) for us on the next couple of weekends. So, there we were, remixing one of our favourite all time tracks, in the original studio , with Trevor Horn occasionally popping his head in saying things like " I like that kick drum you're using" and " those hi-hats are an improvement on my original ones" It was wonderful. We were in heaven. Trevor loved it and to top it all Holly Johnson got hold of my number and rang me to tell me it was his favourite version of the track! I believe Paul Rutherford felt the same way too. We pressed up 500 white labels so people could hear it but it never got an official release. X We stayed very faithful , retaining most of Trevor's original arrangement ( if it ain't broke etc) So it was a real labour of love, just removing the bits of the 80s that didn't age well and adding a subtle rhythmic shuffle. It's definitely up there as one of our favourites’. x Personally, I have found memories of playing the Record at the “Suono” Parties, that myself and Danny Potts oversaw, between 2004 and 2014, in Newcastle. Kelvin was also our very first Guest at “Suono Sundays”, way back in 2005. Lots of love and respect to the man himself!. A truly great, rework!

  Thanks to Antony Daly from 586 Records (Newcastle) for this Lost Record.

Artist: Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Track: Welcome to the Pleasuredome (Soul Mekanik Remix)
Label: White
Year: 2010
Format: 12" Vinyl

The Lost Record is a showcase of music released on vinyl that never made it to Spotify or Apple.

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