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The Big Boss - Inner Space - 2 x Vinyl LP

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The latest from The Big Boss aka Manchester based Kiwi Martin Byrne takes a dive inwards. Following the well received In Transit written on the last flight back from New Zealand in 2020 Inner Space takes that album’s hypnotic grooves and deep electronic beats, adding sweeping synth melodies and a splash of chopped up vocals to make this an album for true electronic music lover. The journey to Inner Space is all about an 18-year-old Auckland city punk rocker who left NZ in 1985 landing in London £20 in his pocket. Martin spent 7 years with avant-garde electro rockers Thule before forming The Big Boss. After an epiphany in a field watching Vitalic The Big Boss was revibrated as a 1 man electronic beast. The albums have all been themed around cowboys, space, and indeed space cowboys so Martin decided to look inwards instead and reveals the inner emotions of a cowboy on a space journey.

Mixed by Matt Foster (Wiz Khalifa, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Gorillaz, Swedish House Mafia) the 5 th album from The Big Boss continues the quest for electronic nirvana that started in that field. Describing his sound as “Future-Retro” the blend of Vitalic, Daft Punk, Leftfield, and Kraftwerk builds a sound all his own.

Appearances at Beatherder, local and other festivals in the Northwest are planned for 2023. A live set for Record Store day is lined up 2023 with much more live action planned. Featured on numerous electronic radio shows and Spotify playlists and with an increasing online profile the buzz for The Big Boss has only just started.

Released to coincide with Record Store Day a limited 300 run of double heavyweight vinyl fulfils a longstanding dream for the Martin. He says “The pure joy I used to get, and still get, when getting a new album on vinyl is something I know people still feel. Vinyl is special and the thought of a complete stranger looking at my record for the first time is such a big part of the buzz I crave from music."