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Chris Dawkins - Painting Colours - Released Records

Chris Dawkins - Painting Colours

Soul and jazz musician Chris Dawkins will launch his second LP, Painting Colours, on 18th December 2020 on Released Records.

Chris describes the new 11-track album as a ‘melting pot of life’s experiences’ – from his session work with Nightmares on Wax, to Asian influences stemming back to his childhood, when he watched Indian movies while his mum was baking.

Expect steady building tempos and layering soundscapes, signature jazz and atmospheric trip hop and dub that suck you in gently and stay with you long after the album has finished. Dawkins is renowned for his work as a session musician and co-writer, penning and playing for Nightmares on Wax (Smokers Delight and Car Boot Soul), touring and writing with Jimi Tenor and Maurice Fulton, collaborating with dub pioneer Adrian Sherwood, and co-writing the blockbuster Oceans 11 soundtrack.

“This is an important one to get out there”

I feel like it’s a coming of age album, and I’m some age! I’ve reached the conclusion that life’s too short, you’ve just got to put yourself out there. This album is all me, an open book; I’m not hiding behind collabs or other people. I’m ready to do a live gig with this album, and I’ve not done that before. People haven’t really heard me do this style, so it’ll be interesting to see the response to it. “It’s got an all-night party, back-at-the-house kind of vibe”

It’s a dance trip, but more for when you just want to chill and zone out. Dance Smile and Tears is the hero track, a mix of Indian & Western music combined. I used to watch Indian films on Saturday night while mum was baking, because I liked the music on it. Mum looked fascinated and I remember her saying “my son’s really into a lot of stuff!”. It’s got emotional ties. “I started making this album last year but lockdown has allowed me to finish it.” “Love & Sacrifice reminds me of Rae & Christian”

This downbeat and trippy track features Georiga Harrup, a great vocalist who was on The Voice 2015.

We’ve never met – we just wrote together on the phone and zooms during lockdown. It’s all about how to sustain a relationship long term, and I liked the sentiment of it, from someone so young. “Painting Colours sums up the statement I want to make with this album”

It’s very Balearic. It encompasses all the music experiences I’ve had, from Ibiza, to Nightmares on Wax, to Ministry of Sound. It’s got a dreamy piano, but with a kick, and then drifts back off to a mellow end. Reminds me of those times you get back from the club and need a track to show you everything is going to be ok.

Chris Dawkins - Painting Colours album sleeve

Chris Dawkins - Painting Colours

Digital LP

Released February 2020

Listen on your prefered streaming platform here.

Chris Dawkins is available to book for live shows and events, as well as bespoke licensed music for videos, commercials, TV, film and more through Released Records publishing. 

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