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The vinyl archive heads can’t stream

The Lost Record ethos is simple: Shining a light on music we love that hasn’t made it to the digital powerhouses of Spotify and Apple.

Genre-wise, think hip hop, beats, house, funk, drum and bass electronica. Vinyl released before the days of digital music downloads.

It’s the antithesis of the expensive rare record, as much of this justifies our endless digging in charity shops and car boot sales.  The Lost Record is the search for quality music that has simply been forgotten in the digital market, not wanted by collectors and unheard by new music enthusiasts.

Some of the artists have stopped making music, some have gone onto huge success.  Some of the labels have also suffered at the hands of the industry.

We will release compilation LPs of our finds and keep blogging in between releases.  If you have a Lost Record that fits the flavour, please send it in.

As the infamous digger Kon said last time he was in Leeds “Lost records are like lost people, they are everywhere you just gotta find them”

If you have a track to submit to The Lost Record blog hit the link here

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