Into The Wild EP


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      Call It Love - Sara Garvey
      Atmos Funk - Chris Dawkins
      Into The Wild - Dawkins & Wulls
      C A Zed - Wulls
      Call it Love (acapella) - Sara Garvey
Chris Dawkins – Atmos Funk.

Remember that first time you heard Undisputed Truth, Air, Tranquillity Bass? That.

Sara Garvey – Call It Love.

It’s the beginning of what is set to be a memorable late night, and Sara’s debut solo track comes crawling through the speakers, as comfortable with jazz as she is techno – combinations we are looking forward to with her forthcoming debut solo EP.

Dawkins & Wulls – Into the Wild.

A journey into the summery, uplifting world of simplicity and carefree vibes. Chris Dawkins on guitar is a delight.

Wulls – C A Zed.

Let’s go even further into the forest, but this time the animals are doing the tribal dance of suggestion.

1. Written by Chris Dawkins
2. Written by Sara Garvey & Christian Wolstenholme
3. Written by Christian Wolstenholme & Chris Dawkins
4. Written by Christian Wolstenholme

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