Artist: Jadell

Track: – Ressurection Call

Year: 1997

Label: Ultimate Dilemma

Format: 12″ vinyl

Written and produced by James Hatt
Published by: Ultimate Dilemma // Engineered by Warren Clarke // Design: She 1


Jadell (James Hatt) is a UK artist I worked with many times in the late 90s with Fresh Jive at The Faversham in Leeds.  One of the more talented DJs making instrumental sample heavy hip hop (dare i say trip hop).   He was an ex breaker, crate digger and quality disk jockey (known to serenade a crowd at the end of the night). He also collaborated with Nick Faber and Raw Deal on a few LP tracks (which i’ve only just learned from reading his credits).   If you dig the DJ Shadow Endtroducing and early Ninja Tune you will fall easily in love with this. Catchy samples, strong baselines and one to nicely to warm up the funk.  The sleeve design is also noteworthy by She 1. Really nice but I can’t work out the relevance of the bones have used (unless they just liked it).

You can check a Jadell Lp here (not this track though)

Click here for some Jadell remixes

Jadell’s recent project: Hatt & Mosely

Words by Tony Green

Is this a Lost Record: YES. Not even on youtube, will upload.

The Lost Record is the endless search for vinyl tracks not available (at time of publish) on iTunes/Apple Music or Spotify
Look out for The Lost Record – Leeds – Vol 1.  Leeds is the first stop as we go city to city, finding lost records and trying to catch up with the artists involved.



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