Artist: Billy Best and the Ditalians

Track: Baby That Takes the Cake
Label: Mercury records
Year: 1969
Format: 7″ Vinyl
Produced by Jack Daniels

Billy Best and the Ditalians

Sadly not much is known about this artist or his band which is surprising seen as it got a release on the hugely popular Mercury Records label. It’s been kicking around the rare funk scene for the last few years now and has appeared on a few mixes including one of my own.
Most Of The Dj’s were either not listing it in the track listings or covering the label when they were playing it out.
Over the last few months a few have now popped up for sale on various sites which is a good thing but you’re going to be needing a few pounds if you want a copy. The last one that sold in a reasonable condition had a £100.00 price tag on it. It’s a truly great piece of fast firing funk worthy of its lost status.

Ia it a Lost Record: YES
Words by: DJ Bob Burrows

The Lost Record shines the light on vinyl tracks not available (at the time of publishing) on iTunes/Apple Music or Spotify.


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